Light of the Soul

Light of the Soul creates photograms derived from spherical forms of sacred geometry. These camera-less images focus on Oneness – of the universe and us, based on the Light of the Soul. Renata Liszi works with her voice to create ripples in water. Her experiments began with one of the Bija mantras “Aum”. Her experimentation led from mantra vibration in still water (a life symbol) to light vibration (also life symbol) as information carrier. The connection between water waves and light waves inspired extra stimulus in her experimental work. The quantity of water, shapes of bowls, colours of light and angles of light, are all avenues of exploration. The sacred geometric angles and variety of wavelengths of electromagnetic vibrations create intimate, meditative spaces from which these unique photograms emanate. Initial experiments were with B&W positive papers, then 5×4” and 10×8” B&W negative films. Orthochromatic negatives allowed her to work in safelight and this realised the creation of enlarged images mixed via other wavelengths. Thus, the monochrome is reborn through colour. Liszi’s images make physical both the unseeable and unknowable.


“Be the light, spread the light”