Artist Statement

Liszi’s interests in spirituality and its existence in contemporary photography led her to research why the metaphysical can be important in our culture and everyday life.


‘To be a good photographer you have to be a scientist as well,’ says Sugimoto, who likens his Lightning Fields to early photographic experiments, as well as a cosmic events, such as ’the first meteorite hitting the Earth’. Yet science does not occlude religion. ‘People still need another way to understand the world besides logic’, comments Sugimoto, ’and we’re turning to art and spirituality to help us understand our environment and the world.’


Hiroshi Sugimoto, Book: Art + Religion in the 21th century pg.81.


Seeking the essence, the ontology, the origin of not every day perception, looking beyond the unseen, towards the magical, are daily routine for Liszi, especially because spirituality does not have a ‘specific meaning in academic analysis.’ (Lipsey, 1988, pg. 6-7) Experiencing different things by practicing yoga or meditation without any religious practice is one way to make connections with our pure nature in this modern age, where people pay attention to this ’new’ materialistic world after the 20th century. There are too many material purposes, humans can forget to take care of ‘self’ and their ambience. The unseen is there but our focus is not in the present, therefore we cannot sense those details and the essence of things. Vibrations generally are everywhere around humans, these affect us invisibly. Their influences can give more focus or subtract it. Liszi’s main purpose is working with vibration as electromagnetic waves such as light, sound and with the most common medium in humans and in the earth, water as information, vibration carriers. Her idea is based on Masaru Emoto’s book The Hidden Messages in Water and Liszi’s mantra chanting practice.


Her photograms express the nature of the elements, their connection and interplay without any physical impact by material instrument.

There is just pure light, sound, and water.


Renáta Liszi is a photographic artist born in 1981 and raised in Budapest, Hungary. Whilst studying Programming at John von Neumann Computer Speciality School she daydreamed of analogue and darkroom photography. She left algorithm writing and became a photographic practitioner in 2003.

Technical developments conveyed her to digital portrait and architectural images, which were published in editorial and advertising publications. However, since 2014 she has concentrated on art and research projects. These propelled her to Master of Photography Arts at the University of Westminster, London, England of which she graduated from in September 2020. Renata Liszi’s art responds to her pursuit of the spiritual within visual art. For the past two years she has been concerned with the coalescing of light beams, vibrations and secret geometrical signs. She works with analogue and digital cameras, camera-less techniques and mixed-media.

Liszi Renata_05_


Membrana Magazine – no. 8 Magic, 2020, London ‘Light of the Soul’

Source Magazine

Graduate Photography Online 2020, London ‘Light of the Soul’


XXIV. Hegyvidéki International Artist Residency, Budapest, HUN


MAOE Association of Hungarian Creative Artists


Group Exhibitions and Shows

2022 MANU-TÍPIA – XXII. Photography Biennale, Esztergom, HUN 

2022 In memoriam Henri Matisse – Contemporary Gallery, Tatbánya, HUN 

2022 Earth, water, air, fire – Újpest Gallery, Budapest, HUN 

2022 Elmozdulás / Displacement – Hegyvidék Gallery, Budapest, HUN 

2022 Universe – MOMKult Gallery, Budapest, HUN 

2022 Fotótriptichon MAOE – ÚjMűhely Gallery, Szentendre, HUN

2022 Inspirational Women ArtistsGod’s House Tower, Southampton, UK

2021 Contrasts – LoosenArts, Rome, ITA

2021 Where water goes.. – Off the Mainstream, London, UK

2021 The World Within – Hangar Photo Brussels Festival, Brussels, BEL

2020 Space and Other Matter, MA Photography Arts University of Westminster, London, UK – online

2020 Art for St Marks, Healing Pictures, London, UK

2019 Photofusion Salon ’19 – Oneness, London, UK

2019 Home Art Exhibition – Oneness, London, UK

2019 MA Westminster Work in Progress – Oneness, London, UK

2018 Gallery West/Multimedia Fine Arts – Inner light, London, UK

Solo Exhibitions

2021 Light of the Soul – Mária Magdolna Torony, Budapest, HUN 

2021 I have seen an Angel – Participatory Art, Budapest, HUN 

2017 7th Chakra & Turban, Budapest, HUN 

2016 One Way, Budapest, HUN

Art Fairs

2021 Youngart Christmas Art Fair, Budapest, HUN

2020 Impressions Gallery – Photo Book Art Fair, Bradford, UK

2019 Ziggi Art Fair, Budapest, HUN